An image hosting website is a platform that allows users to upload and share images on the internet. The images are typically stored on the website's servers, and users can share the images with others by providing them with a link.

There are several benefits to using an image hosting website, including the ability to easily share images with others, the ability to organize and store images, and the ability to access images from any device with internet access.

Click on the Upload Images button or drag your images to the above section, choose when to auto-delete the images, and click on the upload button. Your images will be hosted on our website.

For Registered Users:
Storage space is 50MB and the File size is 10MB

For Guest Users:
Storage space is 200MB and the File size is 5MB

Sharing an image hosted on an image hosting website typically involves providing a link to the image or embedding the image on a website or forum. Some image hosting websites also allow sharing images on social media platforms directly from the website.

It's important to note that just hosting the image on a website does not grant copyright for the image, the copyright holder retain the copyright and may take legal action if the image is used without their permission. Always check the copyright status of the image before using or hosting it.

Yes, our image hosting website allows users to delete or remove images they have uploaded. You can use auto-delete feature as well as delete it by logging into your account.